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Backend Control Panel
Besides backend operations, various backend configuration and information can be found in the backend control panel.

Changing the Backend

    From the backend control panel, click the navicon icon and choose Select a Backend. The backend dialog will open.
2. You can either switch to another existing backend or create a new one. Then, click Apply.

Backend security settings

    From the backend control panel, go to Backend Settings.
2. On this page, you can:
    enable or disable automatic login and change the expiration period.
    change the minimum character length required for password and username.
    set password reset token expiration period.
3. Click Apply to save the changes.

Backend management API key & endpoint URL

Backend management API key and endpoint URL are needed when you want to use Monaca Backend management API. This API allows you to manage your Monaca Backend from your server rather than from the Monaca Cloud IDE.
To get Backend management API key and endpoint URL, please follow the instructions below:
    From the backend control panel, go to Backend Settings.
    Go to Management API and click the Enable button.
3. Then, the information related to the management API will open. You can find the Endpoint URL there. This URL will be used as a JSON-RPC Request URL.
4. Next, create the API key. You can create the API key in 2 ways:
    Input the IP address range: This will create an API key for a specific range of IP addresses.
    Set blank (not recommended): This will create an API key for any IP addresses without any restriction.

Show/Hide columns of records

By default, only system properties of a record are shown: Oid, Username, Password, Owner User, Permission, Created at and Updated at.
If you want to show/hide a column, please do as follows:
    Click the
2. Select the column you want to be shown and click Add. You can only add one column at a time.
3. After that, the additional column will be shown. You can re-arrange the column order by dragging and moving the column header.
4. When you want to hide a column, click on its dropdown icon and choose Hide this column.
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