Debugger functions

Monaca Debugger provides useful functions for testing and debugging your apps. You can find the debugger functions button when you run a project in the Monaca Debugger. When you click the Debugger Functions button, you will see:


While using Monaca Debugger, you can take screenshots and save them on the device's storage. On the screenshot screen, you can edit the screenshot and save it in the storage of the device.

App log

Monaca Debugger allows you to see the log of the app that shows the progress and errors of the app while running.

Debugger menu

The submenus inside the debugger menu are:

All projects

Shows a list of all the Monaca projects that can be run on the Monaca Debugger. There are two types of projects in the Monaca Debugger:

  • projects: projects created in the Monaca Cloud IDE.

  • Local projects: projects created in the Monaca Localkit or Monaca CLI and stored in your PC. Local projects appear only when the debugger is paired with the Monaca Localkit or CLI.

Local computers

Shows a list of all currently paired and available computers. Paired computers are local computers running Monaca Localkit/CLI and currently connected to the debugger. You may want to see to the following documentations:

Debugger settings

Shows debugger's configurations:

  • Allow the device to sleep

  • Show the memory usage

  • Restart after resume

  • Restart after network connection recovery

  • Hide the debugger menu

  • Clear the synced files

  • Clear the storage data

Synced files are synced project files while storage data is previously stored data (local storage data) created by your projects on your device memory.

Debugger information

Shows detailed information of the debugger such as its version, platform, CLI version and available plugins.

Project options

In the project list inside the Monaca Debugger, there is a ℹ️ button for each project. Click it and you can:

  • set the project as your favorite: moves it to the top of the project list.

  • launch the app: runs the current project in the debugger.

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