Troubleshooting Guide

In this page, we will describe how to solve some known issues related to Monaca Localkit.

Installation in Windows

When installing Monaca Localkit on Windows, the following screen might show up preventing you from installing the Localkit.

In order to solve this problem, click More Info. Then, click the Run Anyway button.

Installation in Mac OS X

When installing Monaca Localkit in Mac OS X, the following screen might show up preventing you from installing the Localkit.

In order to solve this problem, do as follows:

  1. Open the System Preferences and go to Security & Privacy.

  2. Click Open Anyway.

3. Now, try installing the app again. It should work on this time.

Removing Monaca Localkit (for Windows)

While uninstalling Monaca Localkit, you might not be able to remove its remaining files. In this case, please remove them manually from Program Files folder.

Incomplete files and folder structure

Monaca/Cordova projects initially consist of the following files and folders:




Storage folder for the main body of the application


Cordova configuration file

In this section, we will talk about how to fix your project if the www/ or config.xml file is missing.

Missing www folder

For standard projects

The user should create a www folder in the root of the project or restore a previous backup of the folder.

For Webpack projects

www folder will be created automatically during the transpiling process. Transpiling is triggered automatically after selecting a project from the project list in the Monaca Localkit if the option is enabled.

Missing the config.xml file

This solution works only if your project exists on Monaca Cloud.

  1. From Localkit, select a project from the project list.

  2. Click Download and the config.xml file will be restored.

The preview window is not refreshing

The problem might be occured with Localkit 4.1.0 and up. Prior to this version, the preview window is served with file:// protocol from the project file. However, this file:// is not supported for project using module javascript such as the project using vite tool. Therefore, in Localkit 4.1.0, we have switched to http:// protocol to support newer tool and framework. With this change, there might be some browser cache problems causing the preview windows to remember the previous served projects not the current one as the url is using the same address (by default for all the projects.

To resolve this problem, you can "disable cache" in the chrome developer tools of the preview window and click "refresh" to reload the preview window when needed.

Error while installing

This error might occur on the windows environment when you using nvm version <= 1.1.7 and npm version 8.x.x. This issue is already reported and resolved in NPM github issue -

To resolve this issue, please following steps:

  • Upgrade nvm to the latest version

    • as the time of this writing 1.1.9 -

    • Install the exe and follow the steps

    • Restart the PC if neccessary

  • Open PowerShell with Run As Administrator priviledge

    • re-install node version, for example

      • nvm uninstall 16.18.0

      • nvm install 16.18.0

      • nvm use 16.18.0

  • Close and open Localkit again

    • Check the startup log and make sure the node/npm version is correct

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