Features in the Monaca Cloud IDE

The Monaca Cloud IDE provides developers some special features that allow them to easily develop applications and improve the user experience. The main features are:

  • Integrated Terminal: a transpiling feature in the Cloud IDE

  • Golden Layout: adapts the cloud interface as you prefer

  • Multiple previewers: speeds up testing efficiency

  • Monaco Editor: better code editor to speed up your development process

  • New Backend: better GUI for Monaca Backend

Integrated terminal

The integrated terminal expands your ability to create, manage and develop transpilable projects such as React, VueJS and Angular. Not only does it transpile but the previewer is also launched from the embedded terminal. In other words, projects with hot-loading support are also available in the Cloud IDE. For more information about the integrated terminal and its usage, please refer to Integrated Terminal.


Taking into the account the importance of developer experiences, we have been adding and changing many features and user interfaces in the IDE.

One of those features is the flexible layout. In the Monaca Cloud IDE, all panels can be dragged and placed on any positions. Each panel can also be easily maximized and minimized. As a result, you can arrange the layout as you prefer. This layout is made by GoldenLayout which a multi-screen layout manager for web apps.

Multiple previewers

The IDE also allows you to have multiple preview windows open at the same time. Because of this, developers that usually work on developing multiplatform and responsive applications get hooked on this feature. You will like it especially if you have never tried another cloud IDE that provides the user a real-time previewer for mobile apps.

Monaco editor

The majority of the time spent on app development is spent on writing code. Because of this, Monaca Cloud IDE uses Monaco editor that has:

  • A more robust auto-completion system that can be expanded with the use of a language server. Some languages we provide right out of the box are TypeScript, HTML, JavaScript and Onsen UI. And more to come such as React and Vue.

  • Basic syntax colorization

  • Rich intelliSense & validation

For editor shortcuts, see Editor Shortcuts.

Monaca Backend

The Monaca Backend is on a separated window where all the backend components such as user, collection, push notification and mail template are easier to manage. The navigation between them is also becoming more user-friendly.

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