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Barcode Scanner Plugin
Tested Version: 1.2.0
This plugin provides a scanning barcode feature. Detect barcode or QR Code[^1] by device's camera and returns extracted strings.


In order to use this plugin, please enable Barcode Scanner plugin in Monaca Cloud IDE.

  • Cordova 11.0.0 or later
  • Android Platform 10.1.2 or later
  • iOS Platform 6.2.0 or later

  • Android 5.1 or later (9 or later recommended)
  • iOS 11 or later (13 or later recommended)

  • EAN_8
  • EAN_13
  • ITF
See here for the caution of detection.

  • Normal mode (since v1.0.0) The detected code is displayed on screen and selected by tapping(clicking).
  • One Shot mode (since v1.1.0) The first detected code is selected and screen closed automatically.

A Specified message can be displayed if no code is detected for a certain period.

monaca.BarcodeScanner.scan(successCallback, failCallback[, options])
  • Calling scan () will transition to the scanner screen.
  • When the barcode is detected, the extracted character string is displayed below the frame.(Normal mode)
  • Tap the string to return to the original screen and the string and barcode type will be returned to successCallback.
  • In the case of One Shot mode, the first detected code is returned and screen is closed automatically.
  • When returned to the original screen without selecting the string, the detection will be cancelled. In order to return to the original screen, click the "Close" (X on the screen) button for iOS and the "Back" button for Android.

result: following data
data: {
"text": "xxxxxxxx" // detected string
"format": "QR_CODE" // barcode type
cancelled: false // detection cancelled(true) or not(false)

error: error message(string)
"permission denied"
camera permission is not granted.

"oneShot" : true,
"timeoutPrompt" : {
"show" : true,
"timeout" : 5,
"prompt" : "Not detected"
default value
Enable or disable One Shot mode.
Show or hide detection timeout message.
Period(in seconds) from when the barcode not detected until the message is displayed.
"Barcode not detected"
Timeout message.

monaca.BarcodeScanner.scan((result) => {
if (result.cancelled) {
// scan cancelled
} else {
// scan
const detected_text =;
const detected_format =;
}, (error) => {
// permission error
const error_message = error;
}, {
"oneShot" : true,
"timeoutPrompt" : {
"show" : true,
"timeout" : 5,
"prompt" : "Not detected"

Since iOS 10, it's mandatory to provide a usage description in the info.plist. The description string is displayed in the permission dialog box.
This plugin requires the following usage descriptions:
  • NSCameraUsageDescription specifies the reason for your app to access the device's camera.
To add these entries to the info.plist, you can use the <edit-config> tag in the config.xml file like this:
<platform name="ios">
<edit-config target="NSCameraUsageDescription" file="*-Info.plist" mode="merge">
<string>need camera access to scan barcode</string>

The library used internally requires compileSDKVersion>=31. So Target SDK Version of Android Application setting in Monaca Cloud IDE should be set 31 or above.
[^1]: QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED in Japan and in other countries.

  • For iOS, only ITF-14 (14 digits ITF) is supported.
  • For Android, various digits ITF is supported.
    • Becaushe ITF code standard is prone to cause misdetection, requiring the barcode to be exactly positioned within the detection area.
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