Download App Package

In this chapter section, we will guide you through how you can take advantages of the app package download feature in Monaca Cloud IDE.


The app package download feature is available on mobile devices. This feature is designed to easily install the results of builds performed by logged-in users on mobile devices. It is possible to manage build results across all projects owned by the logged-in user.

Display login QR code in Monaca Cloud IDE

Access the Monaca Cloud IDE dashboard from your PC.

Click Download Package in the dashboard header.

Scan the QR code in the displayed dialog using the camera function of your mobile device; the QR code is valid for one minute only.

Access from Mobile Devices

Scan the QR code with your mobile device to log in to Monaca.

The QR code used for login becomes invalid after login.

Build results are displayed according to the terminal platform.

Only iOS build results are displayed for iOS devices and Android build results are displayed for Android devices.

Filtering Build Results

You can change the filtering criteria for the build results screen.

Tap the filter icon in the screen header.

Filter the build results by the following criteria. Please change the conditions and tap the Apply button.



Select a project.

Build Type


Debug/Debugger/Ad Hoc/In House Android: Debug/Debugger/Ad Hoc/Release


This Week/This 3 Days/ 24 Hours

Install App Package from Build Results

Tap the build result install icon. The app package will be installed on the device.

For iOS

Installation will begin and an icon will be created on the home screen.

For Android

The apk file will start downloading. After downloading, open the apk file.

Refresh the list of build results

To refresh the build result screen, tap the refresh icon in the screen header.

Add App Package Download Feature to Your Home Screen

App package download feature can be added to the mobile device home screen for easy access.

For iOS (Safari)

Tap the Share button on Safari.

Tap the Add button.

For Android (Chrome)

Open the Chrome menu and tap Add to Home screen.

Tap the Add button.

The Monaca App will be added to the Home screen.

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