Quick Viewer

With this feature, you can preview the design of your project on the device just by accessing Monaca from the mobile device.

You cannot check device functions such as cameras and device motions. If you want to check the functions, please use a custom debugger or debug build.

How to use

Two login methods are available to access this feature.

  1. QR code login

  2. Browser Login from a real device

After logging in, you can preview the project being developed in Monaca Cloud IDE on the real device.

QR code login

Open the dashboard of Monaca Cloud IDE, and click on the Quick Viewer in the header menu.

You can log in by scanning the QR code displayed on your mobile device.

Login from a Browser

Access the Monaca Login URL from your mobile device's browser.

After login, tap the project to view the preview.

Features of the Function

This feature provides the following functions in addition to previewing the project:

Live Reload

When a project is opened and files are edited and saved in Monaca Cloud IDE, it will be synchronized in real time.

Debug Log

When console log (console.log()) is called on the quick viewer, the log information will be displayed in the log panel of Monaca Cloud IDE.

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