Build error in cordova-custom-config

Due to the dependent library of the "cordova-custom-config" plugin, the build may not finish successfully.


In the application build, an infinite loop occurs, resulting in the error "JavaScript heap out of memory".


The npm package "colors" was released with a bug that caused an infinite loop. The plugin "cordova-custom-config" also uses the npm module "colors", causing the bug.

How to fix it

The error has been fixed and "cordova-custom-config" v5.1.1 has been released. You can select the plugin version on the Cordova plugin settings page.

If the problem occurs with a plugin other than "cordova-custom-config", you can avoid using the version that contains the bug by modifying "package.json" in the root directory of the Monaca project as follows.

"dependencies": {
  "colors": "1.4.0",

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