Monaca Docs


This sample app shows how to retrieve pictures from Flickr and displays them as a slide show.


Tested Environment
  • Android 11.0
  • iOS 14.3

File Components

The startup page
A stylesheet for the project
A JavaScript file for this project
A Javascript file for photo sliding animation
Image files used in the project

Required JS/CSS Components

  • jQuery

HTML Explanation

The following HTML body of index.html file is for the title bar, spinner and container for displaying the images.
<div id="title-bar">
<h2>Monaca Photo Viewer</h2>
<div id="loadSpinner"></div>
<div id="container"></div>
<div id="bottom">
<img src="images/logo-monaca.png" width="160">

JavaScript Explanation

There are 2 main functions in this sample app which will be explained as follows:


jsonFlickrFeed() is fired when the Flickr API is loaded. The Flickr API is called when the index.html file is loaded. Inside the header of index.html file, there is a line:
<script src="" defer></script>
This is where the Flickr API is called. In this function, the retrieved photos are then pushed into a local variable images and the photos are display as a slide show by calling displayPicture() function every 1 second. Below is the JavaScript code of this function:
var images = [];
// This function is fired when the Flickr API is loaded.
function jsonFlickrFeed(result) {
for (var j in result.items) {
var img = result.items[j].media.m;
// display next photo every 1 second
setTimeout(displayPicture, 1000);


displayPicture() displays the photos stored inside images variable (photos retrieved from Flickr) in a container created by HTML code in index.html file. Below is the JavaScript code of this function:
//Display the retrieved photos from Flickr as a slide show
function displayPicture() {
$("#container").css("visibility", "hidden");
var $ul = $("<ul>");
for(var j in images) {
var srcUrl = images[j];
li = '<li><img src="' + srcUrl + '" id ="list" width="60%" /></li>';
//Setting for photo sliding animation
auto: true,
pager: false,
speed: 500,
pause: 1800,
controls: false,
$("#container img").addClass("shadow");
setTimeout(function() {
$("#container").css("visibility", "visible");
}, 1000);