iOS App Upload Feature

In order to use iOS App Upload feature, you are required to subscribe to a valid plan. Please refer to Monaca Subscription Plans.

For shared projects, only the project owner can use the iOS App Upload feature.

Monaca allows you to upload your app to App Store Connect right from the Monaca IDE. In order to do this, follow these steps:

1. Create a release build version of your app through Monaca. Please refer to Building an iOS App.

2. The following screen will appear. Click the AppStore icon.

3. The App Upload window will appear. Click Next.

4. Fill in a valid Apple account information. Click Next.

Use an app-specific password on the password field. For details on how to obtain the password for an app, please refer here .

5. Make sure you’ve registered the app with App Store Connect before uploading your app. Then, tick We've registered the application with App Store Connect. and click Upload.

6. The following screen is displayed for a plan that requires billing. Click Purchase.

7. The following screen will be displayed when the billing process is completed. Click Upload.

8. The upload will start. Please wait.

If you upload multiple versions of the app, please make sure that each file has a different version number. Otherwise, the upload will fail.

9. If your upload is successful, the following screen will appear. It may take a little while before the app shows up in App Store Connect.

Sometimes, when Monaca uploads your app to App Store Connect, Apple finds errors on their end and reports them to you via email. If this happens, please read the report and fix the errors appropriately. Then, re-upload the app.

10. Now that you have uploaded your app, you can see it in App Store Connect. Please refer to Selecting the uploaded app.

If you use an activation code to upgrade your account, you can use the Monaca upload feature if your plan supports it. Please contact us for more details.

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