How to develop applications for mobile devices using Monaca?

For your flexibility and convenience during app development process, Monaca provides 3 different development environments:

You can choose your desired platform and start building your application. Follow these steps to develop an application using Monaca:

  1. Register a user in Monaca.

  2. Write HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript code on your desired platform.

  3. If needed, check the application functions using Monaca Debugger.

  4. Configure your target device build settings and start building the


  5. Download and install the built application file (.app/.apk) in a

    smartphone device.

Moreover, note that in order to install a built application on iPhone or iPad, you need to register on the iOS Developer Program. For more details, please refer to Building an iOS App.

Can I create my own project template?

We do not offer a template function for the projects.

The cursor of the code editor on the Monaca Cloud IDE is shown to be off in its alignment. What should I do?

The code editor on the Monaca Cloud IDE may not be able to handle scaling the display on your browser. Please use the Monaca Cloud IDE without using the browser's enlarge/reduce functions. (In many browsers, you can reset with Ctrl+0.)

I don't know how to write a program.

As references for app development using Monaca, we have prepared a tutorial, introductory guide, and sample apps. Each of these reference materials provides descriptions on how to write specific codes, so please do take a look. (Third-party Cordova Plugins and Samples & Tips)

How to develop in a team with Monaca?

Using the Monaca Cloud IDE team management function, you can share a project among members registered in Monaca. For details, please check the Share feature.

In addition, it is possible to develop in a team using various version management tools through Monaca Cloud IDE, GitHub, Git SSH linkage function, Monaca Localkit, Monaca CLI, etc.

The availability of this function depends on your Monaca plan.

If your plan is Gold, Platinum or Enterprise, team development allows you to:

  1. Manage the team: add/remove members to the shared project.

  2. Share the source code with multiple people (members are assigned as Developers):

    • The easiest way is to use Monaca's built-in share feature. Then, two or more people can open the same project in the IDE. However, if there are any conflicts, the previous version will be overwritten.

    • The last option is to use Monaca for Visual Studio. In this case, the files can be managed by VS's built in Team Explorer functionality. Git, TFS, Visual Studio Online and other supported version control system can be used in this case.

  3. Let multiple people to test the project (members are assigned as Testers): Use Monaca's built-in share feature and share the project with the test members.

However, if your usage plan is Basic or Personal, you can only join a team as a Tester. For more information of the usage plan and its limitations, please refer to Monaca Usage Plan.

In Monaca, how is the security of development assets maintained?

Currently, for general use, each user's resources are controlled by each account on the same server. We can handle on an individual basis of strengthening the security such as having an independent location of each resource or enforcing source IP restrictions for access (fee-based). Please contact us here.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts on the Monaca Cloud IDE?

Shortcuts that can be used on Monaca Cloud IDE are listed in Editor Shortcuts.

I want to change the background color of the splash screen.

For the changes to the splash screen, you can configure from the splash Screen Settings in Configure iOS App Settings and Configure Android App for iOS and Android, respectively.

Splash screen is not showing on Monaca Debugger.

Splash screen can only appear properly on a built app. It may not appear properly on Monaca Debugger. Therefore, please test the splash screen on a built app only.

Can I use a GIF image as a splash screen?

Currently, you can use only a PNG file as a splash screen image in Monaca.

Project list is not showing properly in Monaca Localkit.

If Monaca Localkit's project list is not displayed properly, please try resetting the Monaca Localkit as follows:

  1. Uninstall Monaca Localkit.

  2. Open the user's home directory. For example:

    • Windows: C:/Users/user

    • Mac: /Users/user

  3. Rename the localkit.db file (For example: localkit.db_bak) in the .cordova folder.

  4. Restart the PC.

  5. Install the latest version of Monaca Localkit.

  6. Start Monaca Localkit. At this time, a new localkit.db file is created.

Resetting Monaca Localkit will clear the project list that has been imported to Monaca Localkit earlier. Therefore, you need to import all the projects again.

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