iOS Configuration

There are 2 ways to configure your iOS apps:

Configuration via Monaca Cloud IDE

iOS App Settings Page

The iOS App Settings page allows to set several commonly used parameter in iOS app. Please follow the following instruction in order to access the iOS App Setting page in Monaca Cloud IDE:

  1. From Monaca Cloud IDE menu, go to Configure → App Settings for iOS.

  2. iOS App Configuration page will appear as shown below. You can then start your configuration.

3. After finishing the configuration, please click Save.

Configurable Parameters

In the iOS App Settings page, you can configure the parameters such as application information, icons, splash files, permissions and additional features. The following are the list of parameters can be configured via the page:

  • Allowed URL: Specify URL(s) which can be accessed from your app. If set to *, you can access all domains from your app. (Set to * by default)

  • Disallow Overscroll: [Enable by default] Enable this if you want to disable the glow when a user scrolls beyond the edge of the webview.

  • Fade Splash Screen: [Enable by default]

  • Show Splash Screen: Show splash screen at start of the app.

Configuration via Configuration Files

All the configuration parameters of an iOS app are stored in the files as follows:

These configurations are critical to the iOS app to run. Wrong configuration can prevent the app from running properly, please edit the file carefully.

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