You are required to have a valid plan in order to use Monaca Localkit. Otherwise, it will run in an evaluation mode for 30 days after the first login. Please refer to Monaca Subscription Plans for more details.

Please note that Backend as well as Push Notification are currently not available in the Monaca Localkit.

Monaca Localkit is a local development environment tool for Monaca applications. It can be used with many development tools including editors, source code management system and task runner. It also allows you to develop offline and provides a faster synchronization with Monaca Debugger.

Before getting started with this tutorial, do the following:

  • Install Monaca Localkit. Download here.

  • Have a smart mobile device (either iOS or Android) if you want to test on a real device.

Part 1: Starting a ProjectPart 2: Running Monaca Debugger with Monaca LocalkitPart 3: Building a Monaca AppPart 4: Publishing a Monaca App

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